Hi guys,

So sorry for the lack of updates, I was having a rough time at the beginning of July and then I started work and it is physical warehouse work, and to be honest, it’s making me exhausted. It is a great job though – it’s sorting through books. Not the most glamorous of jobs, and I come home covered in dust from head to toe, but the atmosphere is good and it allows me to take my mind off things. Also free books – I have so many doctor who, Harry Potter, notebooks and serial killer books that I can now add to my collection. It’s so great.

I have been a little active in my writing, although it is more planning new stories, and old, rather than actual writing but once I have gotten settled into the job, and I can stay awake long enough, then I will continue to write some more. I have had some more ideas, so that will keep me busy for a long time.

Anyways, I am writing this as I am about to leave for work so I will have to leave it there and head out (it’s a 2 mile walk just to the bus stop!) I will post again soon and hopefully will be able to provide some more details of the projects that I am currently working on, and the ones that I am planning for the future.

Over and out

Charlotte x


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