Interview with David Lord

Today, we are lucky to have David Lord with us. He has published his first book in the Figment War Series, and he is a good friend of mine. He has done a short interview for us to tell us more about the book and himself.

1. Tell us about your book

‘The Figment Wars: Through the Portals’ is a young adult fantasy short novel. It deals with the adventures of Thomas and Isaac Llewellyn and their cousin, Emily as they are suddenly pulled into another world. This world, or realm, is populated by figments of human imagination. The children must prove that they are, in fact, human while someone plots to use them for a terrible purpose.

2. How did you come about the idea?

The idea originally came from looking at trees while travelling on a bus into the centre of Bath. I suddenly got this notion that trees might have something within them, some element, that gives strength to human imagination. The notion that the things we think up, imaginary friends, guardians, monsters, all pop into existence for the briefest of nanoseconds before being pulled into some other place. The story evolved from this idea.

3. What has been the hardest part of the writing journey?

The hardest part was proof reading. It’s something I struggle with so in the future I’ll be making use of various services regarding this particular part of writing!

4. Anything else planned for the future?

There will be two more ‘Figment Wars’ stories, making up a trilogy. I also have another idea for a stand alone novel a bit further down the line, involving a dystopian future.

5. Who is your favourite/hated character you have written?

Tricky question. Belactacus was the most interesting to write, and anyone who knows me will say that villains also carry a lot of weight with me (sort of spoiler alert, Belactacus is not the villain!) Isaac was designed to be an annoying brat of a character, but I can’t bring myself to hate any of my characters, not really!

6. Who inspires you?

Terry Pratchett’s work has had a great deal of influence on me. His wit and imagination will be greatly missed. As far as being inspired personally, Ian McKellen has always been my personal hero. I learned about him at a time of great insecurity in my life and I took strength from his story.

7. Any advice for writers out there wishing to publish?

Keep plugging and never give up. Also, don’t rule out the option of contributing towards the cost of the publication. Nobody is going to hand you anything on a platter, be prepared to pay your way to help give yourself that start.

8. Tell us a quirky fact about yourself?

I can sing the Klingon warrior’s anthem.

To read the Figment Wars: Through the Portals, you can visit Amazon ( or and you can buy it either electronically or physically.


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