Lynette Creswell – Interview

So tell us about the Magic Trilogy and the world it is set in.

The magic trilogy begins with Sinners of Magic. The story unfolds in a world parallel to our own, a place where immortals are forbidden to procreate with anyone other than their own kind. Amella and Bridgemear, secret lovers within the realm of Nine Winters, are betrayed by someone they trust. This has devastating consequences when Amella is found to be carrying the magician’s child. The Elders banish the newborn babe to the land of mere mortals and Amella is forced to allow her daughter to be raised as a human.

Years pass and dark and troubled times descend upon the Elf realm. Amella’s child whom she named Crystal is now sixteen years old and using old, forbidden magic. The King of the Elves sends an envoy, a shape-changer, who tricks her into believing if she returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters, she will find the answers regarding her newly revealed birthright.

Defenders of Magic follows Crystal as she returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters to learn her true craft within the Supreme Circle of Mages. There she meets Niculmus DeGrunt, a young magician who turns her head, but is there something sinister lurking behind those dark brown eyes?

Outside the city, trouble is brewing and there is unrest within those who deem themselves above the law. Conspirators take matters into their own hands and the royal family are forcibly separated. Everything will hang in the balance when Crystal has no choice but to go in search of the Book of Souls. Inside, there are secrets she must unravel so she can free her people from a life of slavery.

Defenders of Magic draws the story to a dramatic conclusion with the help of a powerful witch, a dastardly wizard and a ferocious silver dragon.

How did you come about the idea?

I wanted to create a world where we could all escape to, a place where the humdrum of everyday life could be forgotten… for a short time at least. My idea was to write a story filled with magic and then create realms filled with elves, magicians and a menagerie of mystical beings. I worked hard to produce extraordinary characters which live in breathtaking places such as the Kingdom of Nine Winters, Ravens Rainbow and the Waterfall of Valandil.

Is the main character Crystal based on anyone that you know?

No, not really. I wanted her to be young and feisty, a modern day girl. I hope readers will be able to resonate with her because most of us know a teenager who could probably fit the bill.

How do you develop the characters? Do they speak to you and ask to be created?

When I plot the basic storyline I don’t always have all the characters ready. Sometimes, like for instance Amella’s mother, Castalia, I wait to see how the story develops. Sometimes the characters simply jump out at me and that’s what makes writing so exciting.

What were the hardships you faced when writing the book?

I think trying to come up with fresh ideas were the hardest when writers such as J. K. Rowling and Stephen King have already covered most of them. The writing came easily, but thinking of a plot that hadn’t been done before was quite testing.

What research did you have to undertake when writing?

I have to do quite a bit of research when I am plotting my storyline. I usually have to research the legends or myths I wish to weave into my story. Then of course there are the mythical beings. This can be fascinating and I learned a lot when researching about Wendigos for my changeling, Clump. As a writer you need to make sure that you get as much information as you can. Even down to the types of plants you would find in a forest.

How did you go about publishing the book?

I was due to get my first book Sinners of Magic published traditionally. Whilst I was waiting, the company went into liquidation so I decided to go self-published and I’ve never looked back.

What character would you like to be from the book and why?

I think I would like to be Amella because she is an amazing woman albeit an Elvin Queen. She has suffered adversity, lost a child only to find her and lose her again. She has been betrayed by those she loved, abandoned and forced to live a life of solitude, yet throughout all her suffering, she has proved she is a born survivor. She is true to her word, loyal and dependable and her love for her daughter is truly remarkable.

Who has been your favourite to write and why?

I think it would have to be Elveria, the ancient magician. The reason why is simply because he is the bad guy. I think it’s fun, bringing out that dark side of yourself and putting it down on paper. He really is evil and does everything in his power to try and kill Crystal.

Has there been any scenes that you have not enjoyed writing but felt they were needed?

No, not at all. I’ve enjoyed writing every one of them although sometimes I get frustrated when a particular scene isn’t going as well as I planned.

Where would you like to see the books go?

I am still hopeful that they will be turned into films – one day. I did have a rumble in the jungle about them a year or so ago, but unfortunately it didn’t turn into anything concrete. I haven’t given up yet, though, and I’m hopeful that one day a film producer will see the potential of the books.

What are your plans for future books?

At the moment I’m trying my hand at women’s fiction. My manuscript for Cracks in the Glass is complete and I’m hoping to have it published by the end of the year. This genre is completely new to me and I’m very excited. This is the book blurb:

Mia Stevens is a young girl on the verge of womanhood. Her mother is about to remarry, but her fiancé comes with serious baggage. His two sons are notorious for being troublemakers, the eldest, Jacob, wanting what he can’t haveMia and his freedom.

Everything rides on the wedding but Mia doesn’t want any part of it. Jacob sees his chance of a new start slipping away, and to frighten her into being cooperative, threatens her sexually. Terrified he’ll do it again, she runs away to London, where she meets and falls in love with Ethan, a student.

When circumstances force her to attend her mother’s big day, her past comes back to haunt her. Attacked and left unconscious, Mia’s life spirals out of control. A new baby, a lost love and a life entwined with deceit and lies is only the beginning. Dark, suppressed secrets begin to unravel, and the only person who can help save her is a man who’s already dead.

What advice would you give to someone who is wishing to write in the YA/Fantasy genre?

Read as much as you can about the genre you wish to write and learn what sells. Go to your local bookstore and see which book is number one in the charts. Read the reviews; see what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Do a short story or put your first three chapters on a site such as There you can find out what readers (who don’t know you), really think of your work. They should give you an honest review and point out what they liked/didn’t like about your story. Don’t take it too personally if it’s a bit negative at first, however, if the same issue keeps cropping up then use this information to your advantage. Constructive criticism is often worth its weight in gold and writers should use it wisely.

Good luck.

Links to the magic trilogy and other books:

Universal links:

Book 1: Sinners of Magic –

Book 2: Betrayers of Magic –

Book 3: Defenders of Magic –

‘Clump, A Changeling’s Story’ 

5 ★★★★★ Stars for Latest Review on

I absolutely loved this book. It is the story of Clump a shape shifter. It is action packed, mystical and a great adventure too. It very definitely belongs to the genre – fantasy. Clump belongs to the race called Windigos. I don’t like spoilers so will do my best not go into details. Anyone wanting to know more will find lots among the reviews on Amazon. Sufficient to say Clump is the son of the chief but is born different to the rest of his race. There is magic, a witch, an Elvin princess, goblins, wyverns and other unusual life forms. There is hatred and love, evil and good, brutality and tenderness, loyalty and betrayal and unusual friendships. It is also beautifully written, imaginative and descriptive. Highly recommended, if you enjoy fantasy.

Paperback link:

Kindle version:

The Witching Hour – (Kindle only)

‘The Witching Hour’ is a five ★★★★★ star short story, highly recommended by its readers.

This 10 minute, light-hearted short romance tells the story of Stella, a young woman who’s unlucky in love. One night she is invited to a Halloween party by her boss but the dreaded Delores, her spiteful co-worker has been invited too. Delores has her sights set on Harry Dunlop, Stella’s dream man but events are about to unfold that will teach Delores a valuable lesson and allow Stella to finally get to grips with far more than just her broomstick!

Lynette on Social Media

If you would like to learn more about Lynette and her books try her website:

Alternative Lynette can be found on Twitter: @Creswelllyn

Lynette also has an author page on Facebook so why not drop by and say hello?


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