So near, so far.

Writing is up and down again. I had a few good days where I was writing about 2500 words a day and now I have reached a dead end. I don’t think it helps that I haven’t been to my friends lately, I always wrote when I was at hers – mainly because I didn’t connect to her internet! But also moving again which has taken up time and I have started to feel depressed again and not taking the time to focus on my writing.

On the up side, I have edited a couple of really short stories that I am looking to also publish on Smashwords for free, and the first draft of my Catfish story has been done. Again, that is a novella – for some reason those are the ones I find easier to write. So things are slowly getting there. At the moment I am helping a friend edit and format her Wattpad story so she can self publish on Kindle, and I will post more about that project when I can.

Not much to update on sorry, but thought I would try and keep more active on the blog and Facebook page.


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