03. 1943

1943 copy

It’s 1943 and Britain is in the midst of a war.  Edward Henderson is sailing around the seas, aiding serving the country in the waters. Rose Jones is an eighteen year old nurse who is stationed in a local hospital and saving those who are admitted. Through a pen pal scheme that was organised during the time, Edward and Rose’s worlds are brought together.

As the months advanced and the autumn started to set in Rose and Edward realise that there is more to their relationship than the letters. Over the three months they have been writing they have fallen in love with each other. But with the war going on will those two people get to meet and finally have a chance of happiness during the hardest of times?

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5 Star: “1943” by Charlotte L.R. Kane is a short novel about the letter exchange of a young English nurse with a British soldier on a ship and the forming bond between those two over the course of the exchange. Kane has created two solid characters as foundation for this love story and has accomplished a very authentic portrayal of the war times that serve as background for the romance. The focus remains on the feelings of the two as they live through the middle of the war and not necessarily on the historical events as such. The books is sweet and reads very well. I am not normally a fan of historical romance but was intrigued by the fantastic cover and the simple title. The story did however draw me in with its accomplished characterisation and the subtle and gentle development of the bond. “1943” is a well written novel that will no doubt appeal to the fans of the genre.

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