01. Whisper


Whisper is a collection of short stories with recurring themes of hurt, pain and love. Whisper is a must read for anyone who is a fan of the darker side of Love. Each story is no more than 5000 words, perfect for people who require a quick read.

Available on many platforms.



The rain drops seeped through his already sodden clothes, burning as they bounced off his skin leaving red marks in their place. The figure continued walking, his feet squishing against the sidewalk, his clothes sticking to him and feeling heavy against his skin. A car beeped as it drove past him, forcing him to stumble and fall onto the road. He looked in the direction of where the car had come from before slowly getting back up to his feet. He didn’t care, nothing mattered anymore. She had left him. Taken everything he had – his life, his soul, his being. She had packed up and moved on with her life, saying that he was worthless, that he wasn’t able to look after her and their daughter as he couldn’t find a job. It was all true.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t find a job, it was the fact that he wouldn’t find a job. He had been laid off from his managerial job just over a year ago and his confidence had been shot, causing him to spend his time in the pub and in front of the television. His wife, Joanna, had finally reached her breaking point. She had had enough of his lounging around, of not even looking for a new job and wasting what little money they had on alcohol. So she packed up her and her daughters’ bags and went to stay with her mother. She told Henry that he could see their daughter once he had gotten his act together and cleaned himself up.

It had been a month since Joanna had left with their daughter Lucy, three, and Henry was not coping well. He wore clothes that looked like they belonged in the trash, he hadn’t shaved in God knows how long and he couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten a proper meal. He had tried contacting Joanna, but she wouldn’t answer his calls and all of his letters were returned. He was a ghost of a man now. The Henry that was once loved and respected was now a good for nothing drunk, who spent all his days in the bar and would stagger home at night when the barman would kick him out.


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