04. Houdini



Have you ever wondered what happens when two brothers – brought together by their love of trickery – are pulled apart when one is given an opportunity and the other isn’t? What happens when one brother becomes a star whilst the other brother struggles to make enough money to keep his family? Can these brothers forgive and come together before it’s too late, or will jealousy and resentment keep them apart?

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5 Star: “Houdini” by Charlotte L.R.Kane is a dramatic modernisation of the strained relationship between the Houdini brothers. Brought into the modern times of the 1970 to the early 2000’s it depicts the early close friendship and eventual rivalry between the two. Skillfully using the well known and sticking to the real life of the Houdini saga it refreshes the often told story with its modern setting. I have always been a fan of adaptations and this is a good one. Using the well known figure of Houdini yet taking him out of the historical context makes the central theme more realistic and relateable. I particularly loved the way that Theo Houdini was portrayed in his downward spiral of obsession – an accomplished psychological characterisation, a marvellous description of a fixation that strains his marriage. I always saw the hype around Houdini as a silly phenomenon and never thought much about the story behind him. Kane gave him and his family flesh and blood. I went directly on the net to check the facts and must applaud Kane to a wonderful fictionalisation of a true story.


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