02. Tea Time Tales


Tea Time Tales is a collection of short short stories that are under 250 words each with a short collection of poetry at the end. Various themes throughout the story but includes humor, hurt and love.



Ben couldn’t help but stare as he watched Samantha dance on stage. He was bewildered by how she could move so swiftly and elegantly and yet have so much power and force in her moves. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He wanted to leave, but he couldn’t, it was like he was glued in the doorway. Her dancing was like a drug from which he was powerless to escape. A drug that he couldn’t live without. It was like an addiction, he didn’t want to admit it, but she was his addiction. He had fallen for the dancer and he had fallen hard. She was the drug that he needed to take daily. He wished that he was able to talk to her. He continued to stare, captivated by her beauty, by the way she owned the stage. He felt the urge to talk to her but when he tried to step forward, to move closer he found himself unable to. He was stuck, his body only allowing him to watch the wonder on the stage. He folded his arms and held his breath when the finale came. He watched as she finished the routine and looked out over the stage. He hid behind the door, not wanting to be seen. He couldn’t face her, not even after the time he had spent watching her. He slunk away in the shadows as if he had never been there. But he would return, he always did.


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