*Short Story Review* The Forever Project by Charlotte L R Kane

Source: *Short Story Review* The Forever Project by Charlotte L R Kane


New Covers

I have been working on creating new covers for my books. I feel that it is time for a re-brand and having new covers will help with that. I am trying to make myself more known, and although it causes me a lot of anxiety, I will try. So here are the new covers for A Trilogy of Hearts, Fetal Abduction and Houdini.

So near, so far.

Writing is up and down again. I had a few good days where I was writing about 2500 words a day and now I have reached a dead end. I don’t think it helps that I haven’t been to my friends lately, I always wrote when I was at hers – mainly because I didn’t connect to her internet! But also moving again which has taken up time and I have started to feel depressed again and not taking the time to focus on my writing.

On the up side, I have edited a couple of really short stories that I am looking to also publish on Smashwords for free, and the first draft of my Catfish story has been done. Again, that is a novella – for some reason those are the ones I find easier to write. So things are slowly getting there. At the moment I am helping a friend edit and format her Wattpad story so she can self publish on Kindle, and I will post more about that project when I can.

Not much to update on sorry, but thought I would try and keep more active on the blog and Facebook page.

The Forever Project

forever project.jpgThe Forever Project. A group of test subjects from 2017 are cryogenically frozen and defrosted in 2067. They are introduced to the New World, The Cybernetic World. The Age of Technology. Computers control every aspect of a life. Antonio ‘Tony’ Andrews is unfrozen and struggles to understand this ‘new life’

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I have been bad. I know that. I just don’t know what to post on here. I don’t want it being promotion all the time, but I don’t want to spam you all with my personal life either so I have neglected the blog. Especially since I neglected writing, but I have gotten back into it. Big time this week. I am currently writing over 2000 words a day which I am so pleased with so I will be posting more about those projects soon. I have written a 2100 word scifi short story that will be available for free download permanently so I shall share the links once that is available.

2017…and I’m back.

So I know it’s been a long time since I have been around but a LOT has been going on in my personal life, short story – I ended my engagement, tried to kill myself and am now moving back in with my mother and her brother in the next few weeks. But now I am ready to start being back in action. I have published another book called Fetal Abduction which looks at the women who steal unborn children from women’s wombs in order to pass them off as their own. I am also working on more non-fiction books and looking to finishing up some of the unfinished stories I have had on my laptop for years.

I am going to try and be more active on the site and have more interviews etc. If you would be interested in being interviewed then please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Much love,