The Beast Within



Comic Con and Updates.

Hi So first of all I will give an update to my writing. My fourteenth published book (seventeenth published story if you include my three shorts on smashwords) is available to pre order on Amazon, Kobo and ibooks. It’s called The Beast Within by Charlotte L R Kane. I am proud of this book, it was meant to be a 10k or less short story and is just under 50k, and starting now on the edits.

I also managed to finish The Past Comes Knocking which now stands at 36k and is going to undergo some edits. I managed to complete nanowrimo and get my 50k words in 27 days. A feat I have never done before.

I am sick of writing! Lol. But I will edit these books and have them ready for the new year. I am also going through some of my old MS and looking at getting these completed and published – although a lot of rereading and plotting is going to be needed. But I am still writing, albeit slowly at times.

But onto the main feature. Wales Comic Con. Hosted in Wrexham by Jamie Miller. My first comic con was here many years ago and it’s how I got the comic con bug. But I will have to say that I was disappointed this year. Very disappointed. It didn’t seem organised, and there were barely any stalls selling merchandise. And I love my merchandise. So by the two I met the two guests that I wanted, and gone to their Q&A session, I had to wait around for hours till their photoshoots. But there was nothing to look at. I ended up going to the supermarket for a hot chocolate and a sit down. I went primarily for Eric Millegan but was happy to see that TJ Thyne was also there. Commonly known as Zack Addy and Jack Hodgins from the TV show Bones.

Now Eric means a lot to me.  He also suffers from mental health issues and has been very open about this which I admire. So I wanted to meet him. Upon further reading I discovered something about him that I could relate to and this meant that I knew I had to meet him. So I booked my tickets and prepared myself. I wrote him a short letter and even informed him on Twitter that I would probably be crying when I met him. And he liked that tweet which made me teary. True to form, my emotions got the better of me and before I even reached him I was shaking and crying. I gave him the letter and cried on my friend as he read it. What I didn’t expect was for him to take my hand, ask if he could keep the letter and give me support. I asked for a hug and he was more than happy to oblige. I was done in that moment. I had met the one person I adolised, next to jk Rowling herself, and I was happy. I pootled over to Mr Thyne and waited eagerly to meet the bushy haired actor I had grown to love over a 10 year span. Boy did he go above and beyond. I got a hug as soon as it was my turn, we laughed and joked. Me and my friend told him that we thought his portrayal of his character in a wheelchair was realistic and well done and he thanked us. I told him I liked his guest appearance in Charmed and Niptuck and got a high five. He then discovered that he wasn’t my true King of the Lab, but Zack (Eric) was. This caused debate! But it was all in good fun and he hugged me again before I left, and providing me with a little goodie bag.

Their Q&A with another cast member, Tamara Taylor had me in stitches from the word go. The fact there was three of them but two microphones meant madness ensued. Eric stole the show, and the microphone definitely. And he recited all the American states in alphabetical order when I asked if he could still do it. Kudos.

The photoshoots were delayed and by this time I was struggling. I suffer from fibromyalgia (chronic pain) and the seven hours on my feet weren’t helping me. I was cranky and teary and wanted to go home. I had to get a later train home as it is due to the delays and due at work the following day and just wanted to get home. I nearly cancelled my TJ photoshoot but I’m glad I didn’t. Walking into Eric’s he actually called me by my name which made me nearly cry again. My friends made me go first to see if he would hug in the pictures. He did. My second one from him. Part of me wanted to claim my OCD and needed a third. Lol. But didn’t push my luck. Then it was queue for TJ. I loved his shoot. I took the plunge for my mates and asked to touch the hair. He said sure, it’s like a fluffy bunny and I got my fingers in. A round of applause followed and I left blushing.

Overall comic con was a busy but the memories created by Eric and TJ which always be with me. Eric has made me realise there is hope and you can get through mental illness. For that, I will forever be a fan. So thank you guys.

Train ticket = £85

Hotel =£65

Entry ticket =£15

Meeting Eric and TJ = Priceless

P. S. Order Eric’s debut album at Anyone who has seen bones Wannabe in the Weeds will know Eric’s voice 🙂

Why I Left You – Review

Book cover for Why I Left YouBrett has fooled himself into thinking he’s happy in his dead-end job. His idea of commitment is a string of quick hook-ups, which never last a whole night.

Jamie left home to prove he could cope alone, without the suffocating support of his parents. But instead of finding freedom, he’s struggling with university, money, and depression.

Drawn together by an undeniable spark, their relationship won’t survive the present, unless they can come to terms with the past.



I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this and boy was I hooked! Colette has done a fantastic job in her debut novel. She has a great story line with very believable characters. I felt all the emotions with this book, and Colette made it possible that you were a part of the story, This book will make you laugh, cry and scream out loud. I anticipate future novels from Colette. A must read.

Moving On…

So the past week has been difficult in terms of my personal life, but also in terms of my writing. I decided to remove all my books off Amazon exclusively and Lulu, and have made a move to Pronoun is an self publishing e-book website which distributes to Amazon, ibooks, Googleplay, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. Therefore, I will be getting more exposure for each of my books. Most of the books have been re-edited, reformatted and have had new covers made for them. All the books are no longer available from KDP and the paperbacks have been removed from Lulu. I am still using Lulu but I wanted to start fresh and hopefully not have the older versions available. I am still in the process of making paperback copies, but ebook versions of all my books are available.



When Christine discovers that her fiance has been cheating she sets out to discover the truth. What she doesn’t realise is who he has been cheating with, and then she comes up with a plan. A short story of love and betrayal.

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